Protein design of novel immunotherapeutic drugs

antibodies - gene therapy - vaccines - cellular therapies - peptides

Schoeder Lab

at Leipzig University, Medical Faculty, Institute for Drug Discovery

Our Research Interests

We use computational protein design including machine learning to design proteins with new functionalities. Through interchanging application of computational protein design and experimental validation, we design a new generation of protein drugs.  

News from the lab

Thanks for the great Keystone conference on Computational Design and Modeling of Biomoleculesin Banff!
We enjoyed this conference very much, got to know the latest news in the protein design field and presented our own research. On the left site Johannes presenting his poster on de novo protein likeness and some impressions from the venue!
It is such a great time in computational protein design.
Congratulation to Johannes Klier for finishing his Master thesis! 
Amazing work trying to define what makes  de novo proteins so special and whether we can identify proteins with similar properties in nature. Johannes will stay on and pursue his PhD thesis with us. All the best for your studies!
Schoeder and Meiler Lab will be organizing the next European RosettaCon in Leipzig, 25th-27th September 2023Save the date!
Congratulation Moritz to your new co-authorship!
Amazing study with our collaboration partners Nadja Meumann and Hildegard Buening from Medical Hospital Hannover on liver-targeting AAV2s

Link to the paper: Meumann et al. 

Funding of the lab

We thank RosettaCommons, the state of Saxony, the medical faculty of Leipzig University and the DAAD for their contributions to our research.

We are part of the SFB1423 "Structural Dynamics of GPCR Signaling". Check it out here: 



Leipzig University Medical FacultyInstitute for Drug DiscoveryLiebigstr. 19D-04103 Leipzig